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Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is a huge job for a couple, especially when you are juggling work with the pressures and stresses of everyday life.

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Why choose Rhodian Flame?

A wedding planner is not just a hire, not just a friend. A good wedding planner makes you feel like you’ve trusted the organization of your special day to a sibling or a relative. This is the kind of service we have been and are continuously striving to provide to our clients.

Our high standard services are available all year round. As Rhodes locals we are able to give you the experience of a true Greek wedding, at the best value for your money. We also make sure to constantly keep up with the newest wedding trends and hottest venues on the island, in order to make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

No idea is too small. No idea is too big. No idea can’t be realized with sufficient forewarning. Let us help you make your ideas become a reality! Trust us to help bring your vision of your wedding day to life!

Rhodian Flame has been in the wedding planning business for a while now and we have been distinguished and praised by our customers, for the high level of services and support we provide.

Our reliable and experienced staff make sure that your wedding day looks and goes exactly as planned. The company’s focus is on providing a very high level of support to our customers, available both in the UK and in Rhodes, via our representatives. They will be able to help with any enquiries or requests, thereby providing you with peace of mind around the organisation of your special day.

We will respond to your enquiry within three working days from its receival, with quotations of the costs of the packages and services you are interested in. If you provide us with desirable wedding date, we will also be able to check its availability with Town Hall and any other venues/services you will require.
Upon booking a wedding package with us, you will receive an invoice for 50% of the total amount. This will be paid before the wedding and upon booking, as a security deposit. Moreover, depending on what services or suppliers you choose, there may be additional chargeable deposits. However, any deposits/costs will be clearly marked and explained in the package description we will email you.

Wedding Locations

Platia Elafakia

The heart of Mandraki Harbour and the centre of Rhodes. Be the envy and talk of the town by sharing your brightest day with the whole city to see! Near the Evangelismos Church and the main point of reference whenever anyone says Rhodes, this is the wedding ceremony venue on the island to eclipse all others. Decorated with a stylish white tent, white or red carpet, rose petals, brilliant white chairs, it is a wedding ceremony venue to make your wedding experience truly one of a kind!

Piges Kalithea

The unique combination of nature, architecture and history makes for a unique cinematic setting. The incomparable monumental architecture and grandeur of the space combined with the unique mosaics, the Rotunda room where the thermal waters once gushed, the Atrium and every corner of Kallithea Springs, remind us nostalgically of another era.
Today, Piges Kallithea is a Monument of incomparable beauty, with distinctive architecture, unique natural beauty and a presence in the local community. It enjoys a high level of conference events and cultural activities (art exhibitions, etc). It is a highly sought-after venue for a wedding ceremony in Rhodes, steeped in a grandeur or its own particular brand.

Church of the Virgin of the Burgh

The Church of the Virgin of the Burgh lies at the eastern edge of the Rhodes’ Old City, in the Jewish Quarter. The 14th century construction is one of the oldest remaining buildings from the era of the Knights of Hospitaller during medieval times. Three of the church’s apses have survived unharmed since 1300 and it retains a strong spiritual air. You can often find painters and artists gathered there soaking up the inspiration found in the premises. Located within the Old City, the church forms part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built in 1300 by the Knights of St. John Hospitaller. The perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony in Rhodes, to transport you and your guests to a different era.

St Paul’s Chapel

St Paul’s Bay in Lindos, is the most sought-after wedding ceremony venue location in the whole of the Aegean region. It is steeped in history, culture and charm! The quaint white-washed chapel is of huge historical importance and it is situated just under the Acropolis of Lindos, next to the water’s edge. This is a highly sought-after wedding location, so enquire early for booking slots.

Saint Apostles

This quaint small church situated just at the tip of Faliraki Bay, serves as a preferred venue for locals and visitors who prefer a wedding ceremony that is more intimate. The flagstone covered yard, with its picturesque marina background offers an impressive photo and video opportunity. In combination with our deft and tasteful decorations, the venue offers a wonderful atmosphere for your wedding ceremony in Rhodes Island. Additionally and if preferred, beach fronting ceremonies can too be arranged with the church as your background, in order to combine both modern and traditional sights.

Monte Smith

Situated near the Temple of Apollo, the Greek god of the Sun but also of Dance, Music and Healing, Monte Smith benefits from having the best sunset on Rhodes Island. For those that want to have the sun stand as a witness to their commitment, whilst being surrounded by a combination of different shades of blue from sky and sea, and vivid green during the Summer, this is a great wedding ceremony venue. A white tent, seating and additional necessities/decorations can be provided, in order to make your wedding ceremony memories last a lifetime.


 The memories of your brightest day should always be synonymous with the feelings of love and devotion you have experienced with your Significant Other and your closest friends and family. Here are a few examples of how Rhodian Flame Weddings can help you keep your memories brightly illuminated in your mind.



Saint Apostles

Lardos Church

Wedding Packages

Rhodian Flame Weddings is proud to offer you a full package covering all of your needs, regardless of how intimate or grand the wedding of your dreams is.

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